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About Modern Public School

Why do we teach?

A child like a small plant is nurtured, taken care of and because of what is taught 'blooms'. A child follows, immitates and behaves just like a teacher. So, to instill a sense of honor, humour, humility, we must teach them in such a manner that they are inspired. We teach because we love children. We teach beacause we are committed. We teach because its our life.

What we teach?

What a child requires in today's global world is comprehensive understanding of the world culture to adjust and be more humane. To understand the world culture one needs to be able to adapt and be adept in different world languages. A child has to be very good in the most common language-English-not only to comprehend but have an essential knowledge, rich in vocabulary and comprehension. We try to develop the mind and the mental faculties and excersise regularly. The thinkling skills are developed to arouse in them a passion for reading and learning. With all the accomplishments of the memory, we believe a child can achieve more if the attitude and values of life are more refined. Today's child is exposed to a lot of negetive vibrations yet they can bring about a change in the world by being true to oneself.

Children develop holistically in MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL. They not only are able to comprehend and assimilate but can also communicate instinctively. Their personalities develop to such an extent that they stand out in a crowd. It's not only their attitude but also their behaviour and values including life skills. Value education becomes an imparitive. We encourage curiosity. No education can be complete without being child oriented. The child adventures into the unknown and the teacher guides and acts as the facilitator for the child to comprehend. The child is prepared to face the world. The Child is ready to make his/her decisions which affects not only the child or the family but also the society, nation and finnaly the world community after spending twelve years of his/her life in MODERN PUBLIC SCHOOL


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